Mother’s Day Giveaway: 3 Winners! Scrabble Tile Key Chain!

How cute are these?!

On another of my favorite blogs, she has a button advertising a company called Nanny Deprived.

Sounds like me! I ran over to check it out. They have some of the cutest, coolest, Mother and Baby items out there!

For some reason these darling key chains caught my eye.
They are personalized with your initial. She even does Twilight ones. It makes me think she is a little twisted…. which means I think I like her more!
Anyway, I decided to give away 2 of these because they were so sweet, and the really nice lady at Nanny Deprived said to throw in another one on her, so now 3 readers will win one!! WooHoo!

So head over to Nanny Deprived take a look around and leave a comment below to enter to win a darling personalized Key Chain!


75 Responses to “Mother’s Day Giveaway: 3 Winners! Scrabble Tile Key Chain!”

  1. Tanya Says:

    love this keychain, the Elegant one is my favorite, the site has alot of really cut things…maybe if I have a keychain like his my kids will stop losing my keys :)I hope I win !

  2. jessica Says:

    ooooh! super cute! πŸ™‚ i'd love a cute key chain to show off the keys to my kids' limo! πŸ™‚ carting four kiddos around in a oh-so-not-cool mini van with a little bling would be fun! πŸ™‚

  3. Kassidy Says:

    I love the vintage keychain. It is adorable!

  4. Megan Says:

    Those keychains are all fabulous! I'd love to win one πŸ™‚

  5. Lisa Says:

    Wow They are beautiful! I am heading over to her site to check them out. Thanks

  6. Melissa Says:

    How cool! I love them!

  7. Ami Says:

    The keychains are soo cute. I also love the matching aprons for mom and daughter. Thanks!

  8. Robyn Says:

    What fun key chains! I love this kind of stuff, she does a great job!

  9. M Says:

    Very cute!

  10. Jill Says:

    These are so fun, I will keep her site in mind for gifts.

  11. Shannon Says:

    The key chains are adorable. Your giveaways this week are fantastic! I hope I win something!!!

  12. The Adkins Family Says:

    I'm loving the aprons! So adorable!

  13. susanmw1 Says:

    these key chains are adorable! how cute would they be on your scripture case to set yours apart from the sea of black pleather cases!

  14. Anne Says:

    I LOVE that Fancy Letters key chain!

  15. Mandy Says:

    Those are too cute!!! I love the pink elegant one… I love the twilight one as well!!!

  16. annawilcox Says:

    So cute!! Pick me! Pick me!

  17. *Heather* Says:

    So darling! Love the "h" one… guess it was meant to be :o)Heather

  18. Kirsty Says:

    Those are absolutely adorable! I love all the styles – I wish I had that kind of talent or even an ounce of creativity to come up with something like that.

  19. Katy and Wes Says:

    I love the pink fancy key chain. Those are all so cute!

  20. Life with the Crowls Says:

    These key chains are so cute i love the fancy letter one.

  21. Are we there yet? Says:

    Such cute key chaings! I love the turquoise!

  22. amber rae Says:

    So freaking cute! I was thinking if I could win one I would give it to my mom, but I really want one for myself!!

  23. DMK Says:

    Those are beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!Denise

  24. Heather Says:

    THis would add some femine into my house of only boysbaby_radar(at)hotmail(dot)com

  25. Mary Says:

    Scrabble is my favorite game in the whole world. These key chains are adorable!

  26. Charlene Says:

    Love the keychains. There are lots of fun items at Nanny Deprived.

  27. Jennifer Says:

    Very cute! I like the retro aprons on her site a lot:)

  28. mrsman99 Says:

    I've been looking for the perfect zipper pull for a coupon binder I'm making for my husband's cousin's fiance. They are getting married in July, we'd like to help them start saving right off the bat! This would look sooo cute on her binder!

  29. Vivi Says:

    Adorable classy. Did you get a look at those sweet aprons? I think I may have to order one of those too:-)

  30. kari Says:

    Happy Mpther's Day! Kari

  31. Sara Says:

    I love them! They are so cute :o)

  32. Debko Says:

    Oh those keychains look so cool. I'd love to have one.Happy Mother's Day everyone.

  33. Heather Says:

    They are so cute! Everything on her site is awesome!

  34. Michelle Says:

    Great Find! These Are too cute!

  35. Diane Says:

    OMG!! Her site is awesome! So many cute things!!

  36. Lisa Says:

    These key chains are so cute! I'd love to have one.

  37. Missy Says:

    How creative! I can't even imagine cute things like that much less make them!

  38. Lora Says:

    What a great website and shop. Love the vintage keychain!

  39. 20somethingbibliophile Says:

    THose are awesome! I want one! πŸ™‚

  40. Kristi Says:

    Well, since I'm constantly losing my keys now since my darling hubby gave my favorite key chain to carmax when we traded in our car, I really, really, REALLY would love one of these!

  41. Shasta Says:

    I love scrabble and to have it vintage–yes!-also posted it on facebook.-thanks Tiff!–Shasta

  42. Marissa Says:

    love it!

  43. J. Lopez Says:

    ooh yes you do have good taste, these are so cute! I would love to win one!

  44. Tara C. Says:

    I love the idea of adding some charm to my boring set of keys, that I would look at and enjoy every day. These keychains are so cute!

  45. bheinrich3 Says:

    Very cute!

  46. Katelyn Graves Says:

    That site is fun! I need a belly bandit so I might be going back there to purchase one! The keychains are adorable.graves(dot)katelyn(at)yahoo(dot)com

  47. lynda Says:

    So cute! I love the fancy and the vintage.

  48. Our Wee Family Says:


  49. Ramsey Says:

    How adorable!

  50. Kacey Says:

    What adorable keychains! Maybe it would help me stop losing my keys so much!

  51. Hall Family Says:


  52. MommaMichelle Says:

    Beautiful stuff! Maybe I would nto lose my keys if they were so pretty

  53. Erica Says:

    I love the onesies! They are so cute! I hope I win a key chain!

  54. jennifer Says:

    Oh wow they are so cute. We recently bought a new house so a cute little key chain like this would be perfect for all my new keys πŸ™‚

  55. The Pie's Says:


  56. Abigail Says:

    Love this keychain. Thanks so much for the link to check out her website!!

  57. Angela Says:

    These are really cute. I especially like the Personalized Scrabble Tile Key

  58. Christy Says:

    Love the key chains and the aprons!

  59. Tracy Says:

    The keychain is so cute. I also like the superhero capes.

  60. H Luban Says:

    I LOVE these keychains! Great giveaway! Thanks!

  61. Megan Says:

    Love them!

  62. knottskinny32 Says:

    just adore all the items. super cute.

  63. Heather Says:

    She has such super cute stuff! I love that site! I really love her stuff, so cute!

  64. LJHouston04 Says:

    Love these–too, too cute !

  65. Saralou170 Says:

    Those are adorable. I would love to have one.

  66. Melissa Says:

    Love These!!

  67. bethf202 Says:

    I am definitely checking out her site. Those keychains would be a great Mother's Day gift. For my mom and me!

  68. The Benson Family Says:

    I love the twilight mom keychain! so cute!

  69. sarah Says:

    THE most adorable keychanis I have ever laid eyes on- love them a lot.

  70. Therese Says:

    I love all of the key chains but I must say the Twilight Mom is my favorite.

  71. jdavis Says:

    These are the cutest keychains I have seen in like ever. I sure would like to have one. PICK ME !!!

  72. James and Karen Says:

    How adorable are these?? I would love one, thanksKaren

  73. LH Says:

    Great Keychains!

  74. Linda Says:

    So cute and everyone could always use some bling! thanks for the

  75. girlsinwhitedresses Says:

    These are so cute, and just my style. They would be a great Mother's Day gift for me :)Thanks!

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