Happy Anniversary!

As I laid in bed last night, listening to him breath, I thought of two things that I loved about Paul that I thought I would share.

1. We always laugh. Even when everything sucks we always end up laughing. We mostly laugh at the kids, not in a mean way, but yet still laugh at them! Like, “can you believe that really just happened?” We always have fun. The laughing and fun go hand in hand. Last summer we had a horrible camp site, basically we camped in a parking lot on gravel, it really sucked. But we figured if we didn’t tell the kids how bad it was they would never know. So if we pretend like it is fabulous they will think it is. And we did. We had a great time, and still laugh about it. We have been vomited on and pooped on more times than I care to think about, all funny stuff. We can look back and laugh, and even did at the time, about scraping up change to buy gas in college. We also laughed while we walked Tucker as a newborn around Wal-Mart at 2am because that was the only place that he wouldn’t scream, and wondered if we would ever be able to buy name brand items like, Zip Lock and Del Monte! We laugh when we buy those now because I use coupons and that really tickles us for some reason.

2. I love Paul because he is never critical of me. He has never complained about the house being a mess. If he can’t find a place on the couch to sit down, he moves the clean clothes to the other couch, or puts them away. He has never complained about a meal that I have made, or more importantly have NOT made! He has never said anything about the 5 lbs. from EACH of our children I still have to loose. He never says a word when I start a new project that he knows he will have to help finish. He has never complained when we have gone days without using our kitchen table because I have my painting or jewelry spread out all over it. I really can’t think of anything that he has ever asked me to do. If I need something he always makes it happen. I really appreciate the ‘freedom’ that he allows me to do the things that I want to do. Last fall I wanted to take a jewelry class that I could only find offered in Austin. He made it happen, paid for it, watched the kids, helped me out the door at 5am so I made it there by 9am and he took care of a still nursing baby for 15 hours while I was gone.

Happy Anniversary!



8 Responses to “Happy Anniversary!”

  1. Emily Heizer Photography Says:

    Awww, very sweet! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Tracy Says:

    What a sweet post. I knew that you must have a supportive husband, just because you are able to have this blog (time). Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Megan Says:

    What a sweetie šŸ™‚ Happy anniversary!!

  4. Katie Says:

    Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you both are awesome people!

  5. andrea Says:

    He sounds amazing. Happy anniversary.

  6. kim Says:

    happy anniversary. how nice. great photo of you guys.

  7. Teresa Says:

    Complain about your cooking? I wouldn't complain about a 5-star chef either! Happy Anniversary.

  8. M and W Says:

    Happy Late Anniversary! And Happy early Birthday!!!

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