Giveaway: Kristi G Diaper Bag! AGAIN!


The last 3 people that I have picked, have never emailed me back! I really want to send this to someone!

The Versapurse is a roomy, yet sleek purse-style diaper bag which easily converts from an over-the-shoulder purse to a messenger bag and to a backpack, all without adjusting the straps! There are few, if any, bags on the market this Versatile; the name truly says it all.

  • Includes five (5) disposable changing mats in a re-sealable bag
  • EZ Wipe Pouch for holding baby wipes
  • 3-hole adjustable shoulder straps for comfort.
  • Hangs nicely on any stroller.
  • Zippered closure to keep everything safe inside.
  • Outer bottle pocket hides even the fattest baby bottle or a water bottle.
  • Interior zippered pocket for organizing baby and mom stuff.
  • Contrasting lining made of water-repellant nylon makes it easy to find everything inside
  • Fabric is protected with Forcefield®, a Space-Age coating that repels spills and stains and keeps your bag looking newer longer.
  • To clean, wipe with a damp cloth using water or mild soap. Air dries in minutes.
  • Four (4) metal feet on the base of the VersaPurse to keep germ-free.

Dimensions (inches): 9 ¼ ” wide at the base x 12” high x 7 deep and 13” across the zippered top.

Olive Cosmo Pattern.

Leave a comment about what you are doing this holiday weekend, WITH YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION and the kids will pick a winner after school!



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