Today the kids and I went down to a beautiful Kroger downtown. I got to Participate in the Bringing Hope to the Table program that Kroger has partnered with. They launched with a “Cake-off” where they paired local “celebrities” with Kroger pastry chef’s to decorate a cake.

Shhh! My favorite “celebrity”? I have ALWAYS wanted to meet Erin of Jane4Girls, she is another Houston deal blogger who has an annual grocery budget of $800, you can take a look at her blog HERE.

The kids were mostly well behaved… thank goodness Suzanne D. came with me and herded children while I was cake decorating!

There were 8 of us, we were all given cake decorating supplies and a 1/2 white sheet cake. My pastry chef partner was just as worried as I was I think, if I heard her right, she just started decorating cakes herself! She was a doll and so sweet!

She supervised and I “decorated”. You might notice on my left Sherri Williams form Channel 11, when the kids and I are on T.V. Sherri usually does the interviews. We were surprised to see each other! The Man on my right is the Food Editor for The Houston Chronicle.

Someone just lost their first tooth….

They announced the first 3 winners, very cute prizes, “the most calories”, “the most sprinkles” and, and, and, we can’t remember the last one! Sorry!

Then they announced the Grand Prize… this is my VERY surprised face! We Won!!! I was honestly shocked, those news anchors sure know how to decorate a cake! I did joke and tell them I clearly had an unfair advantage, I decorate at least 7 cakes a year!
MyLitter.com was awarded with a $1,000 donation to the Houston Food Bank in my name! What a really cool day!

The kids were really excited at first and then after more explanation, they realized the check was not for them 🙂 But when they finally understood they were excited again at how much food it was going to buy for other kids.

Here are some of the cakes, it was not my favorite to be standing in line with all the cute little anchors. I am telling you, if you think they are pretty on T.V. you should see them in person! If they were not on T.V. they should have been in magazines!

Then there was me, with 6 little kids and about to explode with another one! Always humbling to say the least!

We had 2 themes that we had to choose from, I choose Hope and Happiness. So I did a really bright, colorful and fun cake!

The best part at the end, just ask the kids….

We got to take the cake home! Oh goodie!


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