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What is a Compound Word?

March 17, 2009
As I am typing, the kids are supposed to be cleaning the playroom. This is all I hear:

Emma: “No it’s NOT!”

Paige: “Yes it IS!”

Avery: “Uh huh!”

I stormed in. “Why aren’t you picking up your toys!?” Emma answered, “Mom! Paige said that ‘clean up’ is a compound word!” To which Paige argued, “It is! It is!”

So there you have it-my kids are so smart they argue about what is compound and what is not… while cleaning their playroom.

Little Miss Miyagi

March 6, 2009

Avery is a very, very talented girl.  When my sister got married a year and a half ago Avery was only four.  I was cutting ribbons a certain length for the favors and of course, “Can I help?”  So I let Avery help.  

She cut 250 feet of pink ribbon into perfect 4.5 inch lengths.  And it only took one show of “Barbie Rapunzel.”  I’m sure that this violates some child labor law, but I swear this girl is the next Martha Stewart.  Now, Avery is not all girly.  Yes, she put jeans on under her dress the other day and found a matching purse so she could dress like “Sharpay” from HSM3.  And yes, she is very observant of who is wearing what, does it match and “How does she do her hair like that?”  But she also has a very quick side to her which I think she learned from Mr. Miyagi. Avery can catch flies.  With her bare hands.  While I would never choose to do this, I’m very proud of her.  She came up to me the other day with this little guy buzzing in her fingers.  “I caught him!  They have to be next to the window, that’s how I catch them easy.”  She has to chase them “around and around around round a round round a round” with her fingers for a while before she can get them, but get them she does!

Lemonade Stand

February 24, 2009

How could you not stop by this stand and get some lemonade from these four little girls?  You can’t!  They’re too cute.  We decided that it was finally time to dejunk the garage this Saturday, and while we were cleaning we had quite a few people stop and start “shopping around” what they thought was a garage sale.  Guess we had a lot of crap.
So the girls thought they’d do a lemonade stand, it’s the traditional activity when Mom and Dad are cleaning the garage or having a sale.  It’s perfect for two reasons: 

1.  It kept them occupied and 
2.  It kept them occupied.
Paige and Emma busied themselves getting the tables and chairs, Aunt Anna made the lemonade and I made the sign.  Soon they were out to make their first dollar.  It was so funny to watch them interact with their guests.  All in a five minute period, this is what was going on:
Emma looked like an air traffic controller waving cars in to park so they could get lemonade
Paige was doing a butt swinging dance and then pointing to the sign 
Avery was waving like Miss Texas
And Storie was licking all the straws (and putting them back) and drinking all the lemonade.
As the show went on, Storie became even more helpful-adding straws (the licked ones) to drinks, taking a sip and announcing, “Is good!!”  
I know what business I’m going into next, lemonade stands.  They made $26!!!