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Let’s do it together, week 5, loose the guilt.

October 2, 2009

Loose the guilt…

As Women we are professionals when it comes to guilt. As soon as we are born we feel guilty for making our Mothers labor so long and guilty the nurse had to clean up. Growing up and older it only gets worse, we have children and now we are roped in for life, chained to the guilt machine.
Every night when I go to bed I lay there and make myself promise that the next day will be different. I will spend more time with each child and make a little time for my husband, fit in exercise and make a healthier dinner, but each night I go to bed beating myself up for falling short again, another day.
I just can’t get it all in. The more I berate myself the further I slide into this hole of quicksand that I can’t get out of. Is it possible to be the perfect Mother, wife, friend, neighbor, blogger :), sister, daughter etc. all at one time. Rationally, I know that I just can’t do it. But why do we push ourselves so hard, and feel like failures when we set our expectations so high that they can’t possibly be reached?
So I had pizza and a mozzarella stick (o.k. maybe two…) for dinner. So what? Have your normal cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast and eat better the next day. Easy to say here, and easy to tell someone else. Oh no, not in my head, I will be hating myself for the next 12 hours. Why do we do this? Why did I eat that knowing I would be mad at myself also? The answers I believe are different for everyone, simply because we are all in different places in our lives.
On Lance Armstrongs site, Livestrong they talk about guilt and explain that most guilty feelings are irrational. I have heard this before other places as well. I also know that we associate the word “should” with guilt. “I really should go exercise”, “You should have known better than to eat that pizza”. The following is a conversation a therapist had with a patient;
I suggested she practice becoming aware of each time the uses ( the word should) it and practice changing her language to avoid using “should.” For example, when she started to say “I should call my daughter tonight,” she changed it to “I want to call my daughter tonight.” She changed, “I have a heavy day tomorrow so I should go to bed early,” to “…so I’m going to bed early.”

In her case the process was transformative. Two weeks later she looked brighter and happier. She reported how there was no more guilt when she couldn’t get to something she wanted to do. She said she felt a weight had been lifted from her shoulders and she was free to just be herself and get on with her busy life.

For some of us it may be as easy as paying attention to the words we say, so that we don’t put any added pressure on ourselves. Changing our mindset to “I want to go exercise” instead of “I have/should go exercise” can make a difference. When we start to see ourselves succeed we start dropping some of the guilt. I need to change my mindset that “I don’t want the pizza” instead of “I really shouldn’t have any” because I always end up doing it.

I didn’t mean to be all serious and a funhater 🙂 this week, but I can’t ever remember a time in my life when I have been busier. The guilt is overwhelming. So, I have to take a little at a time and start first with changing my mindset, get rid of the should’s, and focus on the end goal. The house is going to be a mess again tomorrow, I might have pizza this weekend, and I might not run a 7 min. mile by next week. But, I can toss the sugar cereal, take a walk with my husband and read the kids as many bed time books as I can before I fall asleep on their floor!

Those are the things that I want to do.

What about you?


Lets do it together… Week 2

September 11, 2009
This is my little sister and me. She really isn’t taller than me, she just likes to try and act like it in pictures…
She is only that cute and skinny because she doesn’t have any kids yet.

So how did everyone do this week?

If you are just joining us, we made a little pact last week to get healthier. You can read the post HERE.
You all found the couch to 5k program right? Its HERE if you lost the link… Also, if you like to listen to music while you work out or like podcasts there are some HERE that go along with the couch to 5K program that you can download.


How did I do? Master of all excuses was seriously sick! Can I get a few people to vouch for me? My husband even said he has never seen me so sick, I stopped by a friends house to drop something off and ended up on her couch wrapped in a blanket for 2 hours, Suzanne, tell them how sick I was!! Anyway, I didn’t do as good as I had wanted to. I only started the C to 5k on Wednesday.
This is an email I received from a reader, she has some really great advice and she speaks from experience which goes a long way.
Tiffany –

I am in!! I have lost over 140 lbs (well, probably about 600 lbs if you count the gains and losses) and exercise is the only way to maintain the weight loss. It just makes you feel great. Last year I had an operation on a torn hip joint, yep, I exercised it into shreds! I have put on some weight and can’t do my former level of activity. I want to fit into my clothes again. I am with you, taking care of myself, clipping coupons, doing the Mom thing and exercising to reap all the benefits: physical and mental.

Let me pass on this fantastic tip that a trainer I first worked with taught me: put all your exercise clothes in the bathroom and put them on when you get up. First you work out THEN you get to shower and dress. In the winter she told me to sleep in my workout wear and just get out of bed ready to go to the gym. Believe it or not, dressing the part made a huge difference to me. I have to wear my gym clothes until I exercise, then I can shower and look/smell nice. “Spandex is a privilege, not a right” and I don’t want to wear it all day long! That tip is a $75 value!! Yours free. You may have to put on your gym gear, get everyone to school, arrange for the little ones so you can exercise later in the a.m. but the point is to dress the part! Be ready so you can make it happen.

If I do not exercise first thing in the morning I can forget it. This is one of the best tips (above) for motivation in the morning. Personally I have to lay out my clothes and shoes, because if I have to start hunting for things I will get back in bed. Also, if I have to hear my Brother in Law say “Spandex is a privilege, not a right” one more time, I swear I will wear spandex in public, to a nice restaurant with him…

What are some of your best tips for motivation and for convenience?


Lets do it together…

September 4, 2009

I couldn’t think of a better title, so that one will have to do. How many of you are tired of thinking about your weight? I know I am, it is something that I have done for so many years and I know that I always will. But I also know that there is a lot more that I can do about it…

I don’t often diet, well I usually don’t on Wednesdays through Sundays. Because on Mondays I always start a new one 🙂 By Tuesday I am sick of it and by Wednesday I quit. But in the past few months I have managed to loose some of the “baby weight” I have been carrying around. How long am I allowed to call it baby weight? But I still have a good 10 more pounds to go. Now I know it sounds stupid and its what people say who are not really trying, but I really just want to be healthy. I know a lot of really skinny people who are not healthy or in shape.
Call me the excuse master, I can make one up on the spot. Sometimes they are valid, new baby, no sleep, another case of mastitis… etc. Sometimes it is just life, I am never going to get enough sleep or have the perfect weather conditions (Houston humidity!) or have enough money to buy the perfect gym membership or the personal trainer. But there are so many things that I can do everyday on my own, IF I DECIDE TO DO THEM! So I am deciding, right now to be healthier, and I want you to hold me accountable!
This means that I have to make it a priority to make time for myself to exercise. I have to go to bed earlier, and get off the computer sooner! No excuses. I have a child in early morning football, after school we have ballet, softball and baseball, homework, tap and tumbling and I work on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I am telling you this because I am going to say I am too busy. But really, I can do it and I need to.

I am going to do a program in the past that I have done called Couch – To 5K. It is a great program for beginner runners, by the end of the 9 weeks you are running/jogging a 5K or 3.2 miles.
Now, I am most motivated by REAL people! Not fitness experts or professional athletes. But by all you Moms who bust your butt to make it work or just do the best you can. Does anyone want to do this with me? You don’t have to do the running program, the only requirement is that you are getting healthier. Lets all motivate each other. Leave a comment and tell us what you have done in the past to make your body BETTER. In fact, I think we should have our own little club, complete with handshake and tattoos!

Are you in?? What can you do in 12 weeks to make yourself healthier? I propose a little giveaway! At the end of twelve weeks I will give away a new pair of workout shoes, an ipod shuffle, and a gift certificate (high dollar) to purchase workout clothes! This is what you need to do. Blog about what you are doing every week or leave me a comment (if you don’t have a blog) on Friday’s when I post the reminder. We can all help and motivate each other, real Women and real life situations!
Good luck, I am excited!

Check this weeks giveaway for a little bit of motivation!