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Link UP Your Etsy or other Crafty Sites!

April 9, 2010

I have an Etsy shop for my silver jewelry but currently I have been too busy to make anything new, but that doesn’t stop me from cruising all the awesome shops that they have, I love to buy homemade items or from companies that are run by Moms or just crafters who do it as a hobby.

I have so many talented and awesome readers, I would love to see your creative blogs or Etsy shops! If you have something that you make or sell or create, link it up here for us all to check out! Don’t be afraid to show off something that you have recently made either, even if you don’t sell them! Have you redone a room, or planted your garden? We want to see it!

11 Gifts for $11

November 20, 2009
I was asked last week by Sherry Williams of KHOU Channel 11 to put together 11 gifts for $11 and under… the catch? I could NOT use sales or coupons!
That goes against everything I have in my body! But, I sucked it up and came up with what I think are some great gifts.
In this picture are:
Teen Girl Gift: all kinds of toiletries, makeup, brush, body wash, and a shower caddy to carry it in. $11
Tween Girl Gift: $10 at Walmart a craft set for making bracelets and headbands.
B-B-Q: A1 sauce, marinade, basting brush, beef rub. $8
Family Game Night: 2 board games from Toys-R-Us. $7.98
Throw blanket and Book: One of my favorites! Throw at Walmart $5, Book $2.99. Total $7.99
Roaster Pan: One of those things you never buy for yourself! $9.98
Baking Basket: $10.50
Family Movie Night: Always a big hit at our house, $11
Simple Start: Mini car starter, clearanced at Walmart for $10 (was $22) they had a TON!
Grandparent potted gift: $4.50
Lunch Box: filled with camping supplies $10.48
This is a gift I did for a teen boy. What do you buy them under $100?
This basket has a Sports illustrated, notebook, sunglasses, shampoo, deodorant, playing cards, and mouth wash. Is it just me or are they obsessed with smelling good? This basket was the most expensive at $11.50

The Grandparent flower pot was the cheapest and I think turned out the cutest!
I took a $1 terra cotta pot from the $$ store. Painted it white, took my 3 year olds foot and painted it brown, turned it upside down and stamped it on the pot. Then I took her hands and painted them brown to make the antlers of the reindeer and stamped those on. Gave him some eyes and a red nose, wrote Merry Christmas on it, got a $3.50 poinsettia from Walmart and you have a cute gift!
The Family Movie basket is another favorite. It is so easy to do. I got the cute popcorn basket from the $.99 store. But, you can get a clean one from the movie theatre as well. Filled it with movie candy, microwave popcorn and a good family movie, so easy and cheap. My kids love getting things like this, they make sure we use it.

The Baking Basket was my girls favorite. From the Dollar Tree I got the mixing bowl, and utensils. At Randall’s I grabbed any cookie or cake mixes that sounded yummy and threw in a pot holder and you have a very nice gift for what I thought was an adult. I have changed my mind however, and I think I am going to be giving these to all the little girl birthday parties my kids get invited to!

The experience with Sherry Williams and her photographer was awesome, she was so professional and accommodating with all my kids everywhere. They didn’t phase her at all! If you want to see the program segment that Sherry put together it will be on this Friday (November 20th) on Houston KHOU channel 11 between 5am-7am, then again at 5pm and again on Saturday morning from 7am-9am.

Tune in to CBS tomorrow, It’s my T.V. debut!

November 15, 2009
Well, I don’t really know what to say…
Set your DVR’s tomorrow morning, Monday, at 7:40am Eastern time, I will be on the CBS Early Show talking to KellyWallace about couponing and
Say a prayer that I didn’t say anything stupid!


News Article

September 17, 2009

The other day some WONDERFUL friends and I were interviewed for a news article in our area. If you want to read the interview it is online HERE.

Thanks girls for coming over!


I did it!

August 3, 2009

Sheew! I did it. I said Umm, a thousand times…. oh well! On the left side you can click on the link and hear the show!!
Thanks to everyone who listened!


Blog Talk Radio Show is today….

August 3, 2009

Reminder…. today at 11:00 am central time, will be my first attempt at a radio show. It is only 15 min. long and I am freaking out a bit!

If you want to tune in you can click on the link on the left hand side of the page. The little microphone should be blinking when the show is going and say On Air. There is always the real possibility that I messed something up and it won’t work that easy the first time! So, you can also go to and in the search type “myLitter” it will pull me up and you can click to listen. The show will be archived (unless it is really horrible and then I will delete it!) and you can listen to it later if you would like.
~There is also a chat feature that you can use and type me a question as I am talking.


Blog Talk Radio Show!

August 2, 2009

I am so excited and nervous at the same time to let you know that tomorrow, Monday the 3rd. at 11:00 am central time, I will be hosting my own 15 min. little talk radio show! I will be introducing my blog and give you the run down on this weeks deals. Next week you will have the opportunity to actually call in and ask questions on the air. I will give you that information and phone number later in the week.

Tomorrow I will post a direct link to the radio show if you want to tune in. I would enjoy some constructive criticism, but be nice I have never done this before!


Scholastic Mommy Blogger Award!

February 27, 2009

I don’t blog often.  I just barely started this.  In fact, I think the only people who read this blog are my family (thanks Mom!) and Kelly (thanks Kelly!).  Imagine my surprise this morning when I received an email from the editor in chief (hi Mr. Nick!) of Scholastic.  I didn’t even know what to do-I thought it was spam (sorry Mr. Nick).  

So in case you don’t understand what an honor this is, I was nominated for the Mommy Blogger award with about 500 other contestants.  The editors picked their favorite ten blogs and are letting the readers vote for the favorite five to be published in Scholastic Parents magazine. 
I am so flattered and thankful for the nomination and that people are interested in the fun our family has!  I had started this blog to be a journal for my kids so they can remember the cute things they do.  I can’t wait to share more stories, come back and visit!!! 

And if you don’t vote I’ll send Rush over to your house to pull all the books off the shelves!!!