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Strange beast!

July 28, 2009

If you happen to see this strange animal in your neighborhood, never fear! It is just my poor dog halfway through a haircut. Pretty pathetic.
I hate having to shave him like this but it is so hot outside and he has so much hair I hope it feels better to him! He is much cuter all shaggy.

Sorry about the random post. 

O.K. Here it is…

March 15, 2009

I know I promised photos of my dog after his haircut. I just have not been able to do it. It is too humiliating… He looks like an idiot. And I know he looks stupid because everyone who sees him says the same thing, kind like when you get a bad haircut, “well, at least he won’t be hot in the heat this summer.” Or ” It’ll grow.” My poor proud dog reduced to looking like a poodle. Now the best part is the groomer telling us to not laugh at him and to tell him how beautiful he looks. 

So imagine using the high pitched voice you use to talk to babies and cute dogs, “Oh Miller, you are sooo ugly little Miller dog, you look like a dumb poodle Miller dog.” 
What does Miller hear… “Oh Miller, ajfoehn sjdofoe fkh, hdcu ewien Miller cjsdi  didjg i isdgouw Miller sfgm.” 
So he thinks he is beautiful and that is all that matters.

Miller Dawg

March 5, 2009

We (the kids and I) love Miller, despite his horse-like legs and bowling ball qualities of mowing the children over constantly.  Yesterday I was looking at the dog and thinking, “Wow.  Since when did he start looking like shag carpet from my Grandma’s basement?”  Being a licensed barber I thought I’d whip my clippers out and fix him up a little bit.  Anna and Jeff volunteered to help.  We drug the dog outside, grabbed the clippers and decided to start somewhere that wouldn’t be very visible.  Within 2 seconds my clippers were stuck.  His fur was so thick and tangled I couldn’t get through it.  “Bummer!” Anna said.  “But since you have the clippers and stuff out, can you cut mine and Jeff’s hair?”  

Paul came home right as Jeff was almost done.  He surveyed the situation.  “So the dog, Jeff and Anna get haircuts before I do?”

Three haircuts later Miller still looked awful, especially now that he has a bald spot on his side from where I tried to cut his hair.  Since I love him (Paul and Miller are not on speaking terms since the “cable” incident) we’re going to spend more money getting him groomed than I have ever spent on my own hair.  I will post before and after pictures this coming Tuesday… oh how exciting! 
Dumb dog.

Mardi Gras Parade

February 19, 2009

Last Saturday I thought we’d enjoy the Mardi Gras Parade in Galveston-even if it there was an 80% chance of rain.  So I grabbed Anna (who thought it’d be smart to bring Miller) and we headed to Galveston!  Tucker, Paul and Jeff stayed home.  Boy, they missed out.  Look how much fun Miller was having!

He loved the car ride…..
and sitting on Emma! 

The parade itself was super exciting!  We had a really good spot up front that we’d staked out before the parade started.  Of course, once it started a large group of young teenage girls decided that getting beads for themselves was more important that the little kids they were shoving out of the way.  Every time a float came by they ran in front of us!! We were SO mad!  They even took beads out of Avery’s hands and ripped a cup out of Emma’s.  It was crazy.  Fortunately there were enough beads to go around… and everyone else noticed them acting like that … so we came home with more than we needed.  But still-how rude!

I was proud that our family saluted the flag!  Aren’t they my little patriots!

How’d we get the rain to stop?  I bought 7 umbrellas from the dollar store.  That’s how.  You come prepared and it takes the fun away from Mother Nature.  It rained the whole way home though-and all morning before the parade started.

Miller went nuts playing in the sand!  He loved it!  Good thing Shadow stayed at home or he would have thought it was the worlds best litter box.
“Hey Mister! Throw me some beads!” This wasn’t even all the loot they scored!  They kept giving me the beads to hold so they could get more.  Thank you Mardi Gras!  
So maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to bring Miller.  He helped hold the necklaces, AND he was a huge hit!  Everyone wanted to pet him.  He was a mini celebrity out there.  The collar probably helped! 
Well-the parade was a success!! The kids fell asleep on the way home and Emma was very excited to hang out with the wet dog!
Paige had to help poor Rush hold his bottle up.  He would start to fall asleep and then knock it out of his mouth.. which would then wake him up… then he’d start to fall asleep.. etc…etc… 
So there ya have it!  The best way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon!  Not cuddled up with a blanket and a book, but a two hour drive in the rain with a wet dog!