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How to back-up your blog.

June 9, 2010

I am not very good at “computer things” so there might be a better way to back up your blog. I am going to tell you how I did mine.

Reasons why you might want to back up your blog would be:
1. Blogger deletes your blog.
2. Journal Keeping.
3. Blogger Deletes your blog.
4. Just because you have nothing else to do.

These are the 4 things that you should consider backing up.

1. Posts
2. Template
3. Photos

From Blogger: How do I import and Export blogs on blogger. You want to export your blog to store it on your own hard drive or switch it to another service.

From your dashboard click on settings. This is what you will see.
Now you are going to click on Export Blog. This is what you will see.
Now you just click on Download Blog. I have a Mac, so it automatically started downloading for me. I imagine for you PC users out there you will get a pop up window asking where you want to put it. Decide on a place, and then click, “save.” This is as far as I have gotten. I have my entire blog, all 2348974573 megabytes stored somewhere on my computer. I’m feeling a lot better.

This is all I know! Anything more technical I would consult Google!


Spokeo: How to remove your name.

May 28, 2010

This is a site that I had not seen before until today, I got 3 separate emails in about the last hour telling me to take a look. Basically, from what I have gathered they are a site that compiles all your information from other social networking sites and profile pages you have signed up for. I would suggest taking a look at the information they have on you and if you don’t want all that info online you can have your name removed by going back to the front page and down at the bottom in the middle it says “privacy” click on that and follow the instructions.


How to make Little Swimmers last longer!

May 26, 2010

We spend most of our summer in the water. We have a pool in our backyard as do most of the kids friends, and between swim team and lessons my kids are fish. That means for me with little ones that I use a TON of swim diapers. At the end of last summer somewhere I read a tip that you could reuse the Little Swimmers (not if they pooped in them though obviously!) I tried it a few times and was thrilled that it worked!

I want to thank Candice L. for the email reminding me to do it, I had forgotten! Here is what she said:

“My friend told me that she washed her Little Swimmers in the washing machine after each use, then let them air dry and reused them until a couple of times. I’ve done it MANY times…we’ve actually gotten pretty lax, and just wring them out as they get out of the pool and hang them up on the clothes line. We get at least 4-5 wears out of one before it’s so tattered that we chunck it! This is all of course until it gets pooped in…then it’s trash! It’s saved us a bundle of money over the years since we swim at my in-laws at least 5 days a week during the late spring through early fall!”

Thank you so much, this is a great way to stretch out those pricy diapers!


Know who lives in your area.

May 18, 2010

Sorry for the personal post here, but I want to make sure you keep your families safe.

Every few months my husband checks the Texas Sex Offenders Registry to see who lives in our area. This site allows you to put in your zip code and shows you everyone within a radius that you choose, who is a registered sex offender, assuming that they have registered as they are required to do by law.

The house across the street from us has been owned for the past 22 years by the same family. They recently moved and it was bought by an “investor”, renovated and rented out. We don’t have many renters in our area, most of our neighborhood is older people who have lived here a long time.

We were stunned to find out that the man who rented it was a registered sex offender. He served 3 years in the Huntsville prison for raping an 8 year old little girl. He had been out of jail for a few years and according to the registry site was fully discharged. Meaning, he was NOT on parole. This man could have opened a day care in his home if he wanted to, no one could have stopped him.

My husband and I were unbelievably upset. Having many small children this completely changed our lives. I will not go into detail but we had to change the way we did so many of the things that were part of our lives. I felt like I was being held hostage in my own home. I worried about it all the time. Three weeks ago I went to the Montgomery county sex offenders meeting to see what rights I had. Surprisingly, it seemed that HE had more than I did. At one point our own local Sheriff cautioned us at the meeting, “not to embarrass” the sex offenders. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This man raped a child and we are told to not embarrass him?

We along with other neighbors, did the only thing that we could. Knock on doors and make sure all the neighbors knew he was there. That was it. All I was able to do.

This Mother’s Day I got the best present I could have asked for. In about 2 hours they packed and moved out of the house! Our 3 months of torture was over! I apologize to their new neighbors somewhere in Harris county, but I am soooo glad he is gone.

CHECK YOUR REGISTRY! I believe that almost every state has one and sex offenders are required to register. Don’t be naive and think that you couldn’t possibly have any in your area. You might be shocked, like many of our friends who I pushed to check were. They were stunned at the number within a 2 mile radius of their home.


Silly Bandz? Anyone?

May 17, 2010

A few weeks ago I had a ton of these things laying around. They looked like trash so I threw them away.

Big mistake.

Apparently, they are all the rage right now if you are a 4th or 2nd grade girl. Remember garbage pail kids? Well, I have officially ruined my girls lives. All the ones that they had been collecting and trading with friends I tossed. The worst part is that they were actually put away and not lying around. I got a wild hair and decided to clean out their cubbies, figured they were junk and in the garbage they went.

Does anyone have any idea where you can buy these things? I looked at Walmart and CVS and didn’t see them. The girls aren’t sure where to get them and I am not desperate enough to order them online.

Thanks in advance for helping me salvage the end of the school year for my girls 🙂


Coupon Class Disaster!

May 9, 2010

In true Ivanovsky fashion, my coupon class last night was pretty much a disaster!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all who came and braved the bizarre conditions! I have to say I had a lot of fun, but that is because I am used to things falling apart most of the time! Just kidding 🙂

First, I underestimated the number of people coming, so I had to go make more copies.

Second, A strange man came wandering into the church looking for gas money.

Third, After the strange guy left I went to go lock the front door, only to not be able to find my KEYS! After looking fro 10min. I gave up and called a friend to come lock the door. I restarted the class and 2 seconds later picked up my binder and my KEYS FELL OUT!! AUGH!

Fourth, A seriously ginormous COCKROACH ran across the floor and terrorized us for almost 45 min! I would have smashed it but I can’t stand that popping sound they make when you squash them! For those of you NOT in Texas, you can’t possibly understand! 🙂

Wow, all I have to say is that I appreciate you all hanging in there with me, and having a sense of humor! A HUGE thank you to all the wives that brought their husbands, that was a sweet thing for them to come with you. Another HUGE thank you to the husband (I can’t remember your name!) who walked through the building with me to make sure the strange guy was gone! That was really thoughtful!

Finally, I have to thank Jessica S. for inviting her friends and bringing such awesome food as usual! You Rock!


Let’s Talk about… Lice?

May 4, 2010

Everyone start itching their heads right now!

Daughter #1 got an email from her softball coach saying that one of the girls on the team had lice. Since all the girls share helmets every now and then we should check our girls, great.

Daughter #2 came home from school on Friday and said, “guess how many kids in my class went home today because they had lice in my class?”
I said, “how many??!!”
She replied, “8!! The nurse came in and checked us all and said I didn’t have any…”

Daughter #4 got a note home from preschool that said, “she could have been exposed to lice at school this week.”

This happened all this week. By Friday, I had gone through each girls hair at least every day that week. I didn’t find anything but I didn’t want to wait and decided Saturday night I would just do all the kids with Rid as to not take any chances! It took me 3 1/2 hours alone to do all the girls!! I didn’t find any, but I can sleep better at night now!

Now, I have a few things to say about lice….

As a former hairstylist having worked in salons for a few years, lice is not that uncommon. It is also NOT a reflection of your parenting skills or personal hygiene. I have seen EVERY type of person from all walks of life get lice. If you have a child that interacts with other children they have a good chance of getting lice.

BUT, if your child has had it a few times or you can’t get rid of it, then you have a problem. I personally like to use homeopathic methods to treat things first. But, the exception that I make is with lice. I have NEVER seen them work well. Or completely get rid of the lice. The scary thing is that if it gets to the point where you have to use a prescription to get rid of them you put your kids in some real danger. The prescription medication is very toxic and can cause seizures and other problems with children. I would be terrified to put this on my child. That is why it is important not to mess around and get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Part of getting rid of them is washing everything in the house with very hot water in the washing machine, bagging up all your stuffed animals and bedding, and keeping them bagged for a few weeks.

Also, once you do the first treatment, you have to do another at 7-10 days to kill anything that you missed that hatched in the past week (itching my head now!) or you start all over again and find lice in another month.

Thankfully we didn’t have any, I don’t think I could have dealt with that this week! About 2 years ago my girls had lice, when I found the first one I started shaking and crying! Remember, I have totally seen this 100 times! I FREAKED OUT! My husband actually had to grab me by the shoulders and tell me to calm down I was scaring the kids! So I pulled it together and must have spent 30 hours that week taking care of all the things I had to do to get rid of them. It was a nightmare! So anytime I know the kids have had any contact I go ahead and treat them to save myself the trouble.

What is your experience with lice? What have you found that works?


Reminder, what is all the stuff on the sidebar??

April 28, 2010

It has been a really long time since I have done a little blog tour, or shown you around my little second home! So really quick I thought I would tell you about some of the “features” on my site. Don’t get too excited, it’s nothing to write home about! But you might learn something new!
This little picture on the side is the most important! If you click on it, you get all the family things that I post, stuff about the kids etc. So if you aren’t into saving money or you are my parents, click on us to skip all the deals!

This link at the top is really handy. The Coupon Database is a place that you can go and type in a item that you are looking for or to buy and it will tell you where you can find a coupon for it if there are any! If it is a printable coupon you will see a blue link to that coupon location. Not all coupons you find in there are printables though. If you see a date and a RP, SS or P&G those are the coupon inserts that it can be found along with the date that it was in the Sunday paper.

Here is a shameless promotion button 🙂 You can copy and paste the HTML under this picture if you want to put my button on your blog. As if you want to see more of me!
This is further down on the side bar. I was going to do a weekly radio show but only did a couple. I have more planned 🙂 It was really fun and I think they are very informative to listen to. Just click on the play button to listen!
This button has darling short videos and cute stories directed at things that face women every day. Every now and then they have special offers available and it is always changing. Yes, when you click on it I do get a few pennies, it is an add, but a good one 🙂

The long “skyscraper” pictures are adds that I have, the one is a great resource for printing internet coupons. They are always changing and updating the coupons, it is good to check it every few days. I do get some benefit’s from people clicking on the adds. Sometimes it is money or others are gift cards, it isn’t enough for me to quit my day job though 😦 But it pays for me to update my blog with a great designer every now and then!

The pictures of the kids are there because I love to see their faces every day! Thanks for reading this far, I just wanted to make sure you knew what all the clutter was on the side and that if you were looking for something it might make it easier to find!


Store Brand Vs. Generic?

April 26, 2010

So you head out to the store with a list and a hand full of coupons. You get there and find that many of the deals you were planning to do don’t work because the store brand is still cheaper. Do you buy the cheaper or do you buy name brand??

I often run in to this, esp. it seems when I am at Walmart. For the most part I will get what is cheaper even if I have a coupon for the name brand. But, there are some things that I am willing to pay a few cents more for because I think the name brand actually tastes better. For me personally here is a little list of what I like better name brand.

1. Canned Vegetables
2. Canned Fruit
3. Some Crackers and Cookies ( Oreo’s!)
4. Garbage Bags
5. Aluminum Foil
6. Salad Dressing
7. Soda ( this is debatable in our house)
8. Hot Chocolate ( my husband pitches a fit on this one!)

Now, these are things that I get at whatever the lowest price is! Personally, I don’t think there is a taste difference.

1. Pasta
2. Cheese
3. Many condiments
4. Bread
5. Canned tomatoes
6. Things like Croutons and Bacon Bits

I am sure I am forgetting a ton of things on both lists, and every families lists will be different. I hate to see new couponers waste money on items just because they have a coupon for it. Don’t be afraid to change your plans when you get to the store to include tossing a coupon and just buying store brand/generic. Often I leave the coupon at the store by the name brand item for someone else.

I never buy generic brand laundry soap because my kids have allergies. Instead I buy Tide Free or other non-scented name brand detergent. Most of the time I can get it for a great deal, but if for some reason I can’t it is not worth it for my kids to be miserable!

So buying name a brand or a generic brand is a preference choice. What is the point of saving one dollar for a generic brand tissue if every time you blow your nose the tissue is hard and scratchy? When you run across items that you have no preference about, then try a generic brand and you will save some money.

Why is there a price difference at all? A lot of it has to do with the quality of products that are put into the item. A brand name tends to have a little bit higher quality of products than the generic version and is probably a little more diligent about quality control as well. While the generic may list the exact same ingredients, it may not be as good of quality which could affect the taste. You also do pay a little bit more money for the label that is a little more appealing. The generics cost is kept low by taking the frills away and just presenting you with a less flashy, less quality version for a lower amount of money. You should compare the ingredients of the generic and the name brand before buying. Make sure that they have the same ingredients and that the generic does not have more unhealthy ingredients than the generic.

Bottom line is be flexible and willing to try generics if they cost less. The one thing that I LOVE about couponing though is the ability to get name brand items at the same or lower cost then generics!

What items do you buy generic and what do only buy name brand?


Trouble with blogger and links!

April 21, 2010

The frustration is growing every day with blogger!
They are limiting the mount of links you can put in a post and how many you can have on a page at a time. So my Kroger and Randalls match-ups, having many links to coupons, makes all my other posts go to the second page, which many of you never see!
Sooooo, when you get to the bottom of the page and it says “Older Posts” click on that and it will take you to posts that I have actually just posted today!!
Grrrr, thats what you get for using a “free” site like blogger. When the school year winds down and right before I have this baby I plan on switching to a better hosting site. So I can avoid silly things like this!