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My purse got stolen/lost I think I am going to cry!

June 1, 2009

Pardon my small rant!

I never loose or misplace anything especially my purse/diaperbag. From now on, when I say purse you know that I really mean diaperbag but that is another post, another day about how I look forward to the day when the contents of my purse/diaperbag do not include, diapers, cherrios, wipes, wrappers and Band-Aids. 
We went to a baseball game Saturday night. I had it there. Sunday I looked for it and didn’t see it in the car, thought that was weird but didn’t look for it. Today we turned the house upside down for it. It’s gone. So either someone stole it out of the unlocked car, or it got left (by my husband who grabbed my stuff) at the game. 
I am sick to think of everything that was in my wallet. Not only do I have to replace all my debit cards. But all the Sam’s club, library, children’s museum, punch cards, grocery cards, business cards etc. I am SICK that I had $50 in ECB’s in there along with my CVS Cards. Plus the cash I normally don’t carry… I had just cashed a check….
The worst part is also the bag itself. It was the most expensive (serves me right!) piece of apparel that I have ever bought myself. I finally after 5 kids decided for the 6th that I deserved a nice purse/diaperbag. Saved up, and bought the above bag for my self when I had the baby. 
So if you should happen upon a cute red and black purse/diaperbag you know who it belongs to! I would be eternally grateful for it’s return!