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New Holiday?

September 14, 2009

Is there a holiday that I am missing? I know September is National Coupon Month, but that usually doesn’t mean that you buy someone a gift of jewelry. Wait, thats a great idea, someone email my husband, asap!!
Normally I am this busy at Christmas, Valentines or Mother’s Day but not randomly in August and September! I have been slammed the past few weeks with jewelry orders, I love it though. I like using my hands to make things, it helps me relax.
I have meet some really cool Women with great idea’s and really good taste ūüôā
This necklace is one of my favorites, it just looks good on.

This was a very personal custom order designed by the wearer. All the stones represent something special to her.
My husband was bummed I wasn’t keeping this one. The colors are gorgeous. I am really into browns and blues right now…
I also really like anything that looks hammered. Well, not so much that look on people. ūüôā

Just jewelry. I also love the crimson pearls on this bracelet, that is my favorite color. Too bad it’s OU colors, We’re Texas fans here.

The best gift is the one that is not expected. Like the flowers my husband brought me the other day, and when he brought me lunch at work last week….. hey, whats going on here?
Now I am suspicious!


Check out this blog!

July 28, 2009

If you do anything today go ever HERE and check out this blog! 
I have never met Ms. Taylor personally but I feel like I know her through her unbelievably good writing! She is seriously funny! 
My favorite funny post was probably the one about her flying home from San Francisco with her husband HERE.
My all time favorite was probably the one about why she blogs. It was very well written.
But the one that has to go down in legend was the one she did today! HERE.
I DON’T HAVE ANY¬†SPONSORS, just in case anyone thought I did! But…. if you are interested CALL ME! I’m available, and cheap, and easy…
Wait, I did make $4.78 from google last month with the adds I have on the side. But they only send you a check when you reach $100. So sometime in 2023 I might be able to buy myself a Happy Meal.
Oh yes, I am¬†totally¬†going to honor, Ms. Taylor’s kind offer of 25% off any order before August 2nd!
P.S. You have to read her post about cleaning out the minivan, oh yeah, and the one about Mom¬†swimsuits…
* Me again, my husband just told me he thinks I sounded really snooty when I wrote this… I really was not intending it to sound that way!¬†