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What are catalina’s?

December 17, 2009
This is a little video I took and forgot to ever post it. It was explaining a really good deal that a store in my area was having in May and how to take advantage of it.
The first image is a photo of my purchase. I paid $40 far all of this and saved over $150. I also left with $12 in catalina’s for the next purchase.
I am using it now to explain what catalina’s are. Catalina’s are the narrow coupons that are printed out separate from your receipt at the time of check out. I see people throw these away and never look at them. There are often high dollar coupons on them and many times they are actually giving you money back almost like ECB’s.

This image is actually the video. What I forgot to explain is that the deal at the store was buy $30 of selected items (3,000 of them) and get $10 back. I was rolling that $10 into my next purchase. So coming as close to $30 as I could. Giving them the $10 from the previous purchase and then giving them about $12 in coupons to walk out with each purchase costing me around $10.

I always use coupons when I go to the store. But what I really wait for are the combination deals like the one that my Randall’s had above. This is when you save the killer money. All the time spent cutting coupons out and filing them becomes worth it when stores have the deals like this. Kroger stores have a mix and match sale about ever 3-4 months. I will about blow all my coupons during that week. But stock up for months, or even fill my years supply of things.
Where do I put it all? That is really another post….. But, here in the south we don’t have basements and the heat and bugs prevents you from storing anything in the garage. I also have a smaller older house so the closets are really small. I just get really creative! But it is worth it to only spend $400-$500 a month on food for 8 of us.
Any creative storage ideas?? 

Winner of the small disk necklace! Bonus Giveaway!

July 15, 2009

And the winner is….
Jennifer B.
She said: 
I love, love, love your site and your jewelry is beautiful! I’ve been taking a silversmithing class and I aspire to do work as gorgeous as yours!

Thanks Jennifer! Please shoot me an email so I can take your order!

Bonus Giveaway!!! 

If your name is Melanie, spelled M.E.L.A.N.I.E. email me! I made a custom necklace just like the one above but I spelled the name wrong! The one above is the correct one for the order, the one I am giving away is the same but spelled differently. The first Melanie to email gets the necklace! Contact me at
Check back in a few hours for the next giveaway! Worth $250!