Palm Pre, it’s like a Swiss Army Knife!

This is what the back of my new Palm Pre looks like.
I think a woman designed it. 
I’ll tell you why…
That silver part at the top when you slide your phone open? 
You can use it as a mirror!
Comes in handy when your window is open about 3 inches, and you think your car keys are on the floor board under the front seat. Oh, and of course the doors are locked and the spare is at baseball practice with your husband across town.
I’m feeling a little like MacGuyver right now, me and my nifty little new toy/phone. Together we were able to locate the keys and use a stick to pull them out of the car. 
See, I told you I was a boy scout!



2 Responses to “Palm Pre, it’s like a Swiss Army Knife!”

  1. ~Mo~ Says:

    well where were you when my tifani got stuck in the swing at the park!:) You gotta read it on my blog!I wouldn't of known what to do!!

  2. Prairiemaid Says:

    How cool! Nothin' like, "always prepared!"

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